To often we set our outsource provider a truly challenging transformation task and then hamper them by not providing the right resources they need to have any chance of success Give Your Outsourcer a Chance

eAUCTIONS - Since their introduction in the late 1990's, eAuctions have not been embraced as warmly by the procurement fraternity as might have been expected. In this article we consider why this is and why eAuctions actually can be good for all involved  eAuctions - Good for all

SRM - Go to any conference or read any articles on Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and the first thing that will come up is the need to define what is meant by SRM. This article considers why it has been so hard to define what is meant by SRM.  So Why Can't We Define SRM?

MERGERS - Mergers and Acquisitions are now a common part of organisational life. In this article we consider how you might make the most of such a situation, and provide 5 tips for surviving and prospering.
Seize the Day

DEVELOPMENT - Years ago companies were serious about developing their own talent, spending millions on training and development and making real efforts to encourage their staff to stay. But the recessions of the late 80's and early 90's caused those companies to make significant cuts; training was an easy target. This article considers the break down of trust between staff and companies, and what one company is doing to turn back the clock. The Myth of Trust

NEGOTIATION - 'You Get What You Pay For' must be the laziest phrase that a buyer can use. In this article we explore why we should banish this phrase from the Procurement You Get What You Pay For